Medical Facilities

Treya Surgicare is equipped with the best of the class operation theater, well-furnished individual rooms with well trained and behaved staff.

Operation Theatre:

We have one of the finest Operation Theaters in the nursing home setup with all the latest gadgets to perform the most advanced and complicated surgeries with ease and comfort.

  • HD Image Endoscopy Camera System with Medical Grade Monitor, Karl Storz (Germany): A state of the art endoscopy system which provides HD image quality for laparoscopy and endoscopic surgeries.
  • Harmonic ACE Ultrasonic sears with ENSEAL Device, Johnson & Johnson: This system provides a virtually bloodless surgical field in laparoscopic as well as open surgeries.
  • Anaesthesia Work Station: For providing safe anaesthesia and monitoring of our patients undergoing surgery.
  • Multipara Monitors for complete patient monitoring during surgery, live transmission of surgery from the OT complex to the Patient waiting room.
  • Emergency drug cart to deal with any per or post operative emergency.

9 Storz Laparoscope

7 Enseal Harmonic Vessel Sealing Device 2







Patient Management Protocol:

At Treya Surgicare we believe in complete protocol based management.  In view of the same we follow certain guidelines as below:

  • A complete history of the patient in relation to the disease is noted and documented, for current management and also for future record of the patient.
  • Complete checklist is followed for all the patients to be taken for surgery.
  • Every minor or major surgical procedures are documented and detailed operation register is maintained for record keeping purpose.
  • All the consultants are supposed to write a detailed note of the anaesthesia given and also the operative steps for each and every surgery – be it minor or major.
  • Detailed record of the all the operative procedures are maintained and filed with the indoor patient case papers.  This helps us in keeping complete medical record for every patient.
  • In line with our philosophy of complete transparency every patient can avail the photo copy of the complete indoor treatment record from the hospital authorities – at the time of discharge or even any time in future.

All this is done with a view of transparency and a comprehensive medical record keeping for future retrieval in case the need arises.