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Post Operative Care


Post Operative Period is the most crucial period for the patient and the relatives. At Treya Surgicare we take utmost care for the smooth post operative recovery of the patient.  There are few post operative instructions and information for the patients as mentioned below:

  • After the operation the patient may take some time to recover from the anaesthesia, this time varies from few minutes to may be an hour or so.  This depends upon the medical condition of the patient and the type of surgery.
  • Patient may feel sleepy immediately after the surgery/operation due to the sedation given during anaesthesia and sometimes during the recovery period.
  • Sometimes patients may have some discomfort while coming out of the sedation.  This gradually decreases over the period of time without any need of pain killer.  However as an when required analgesics/pain killers may be administered according to the instructions of the treating consultant.
  • Many of the times, patient may feel nauseated or may actually vomit in the immediate post surgical period.  This is common due to the effects of the anaesthetic agents. The patient usually recovers in in few hours.
  • Depending upon the type of procedure, patient may be allowed few sips of water after few hours of surgery. Liquids are allowed on the same day and light semi solid diet from next post operative day. In case of vomiting the same are withheld for some time and restarted.  Usually initially liquids are like tea/coffee/milk/juices/soups/water/coconut water etc.
  • Patients are usually advised semi solid diet which is non spicy and non oily for 2-3 weeks post operatively.
  • All the patients are advised to have small frequent meals in the immediate post operative days.  This is due to the chances of gastric bloating and belching in the post operative period due to the medications which me be advised during discharge.
  • Patient is advised moving of limbs in the post operative period to prevent deep venous thrombosis.  Also the it is advisable for the patient to go to the wash room on his/her own.  There are no physical restrictions of any kind in the post operative period.  It makes the patient feel relaxed and also helps in decrease of pain.  Early ambulation makes recovery faster and smoother.
  • In most of the laparoscopic procedures there is no restriction in any physical activity post surgery.  Patient can walk, jog, climb or even lift weight etc.  Patients can even drive two or four wheeler if he feels comfortable. This is in fact the advantage of minimal access surgery.
  • Depending upon the procedure, patients may be discharged on the first or the second post operative day in most of the cases unless there are no medical or social problems.  Patients as a routine are advised to follow up with the treating consultant after 3-5 days of discharge for dressings and wound examination.  After the dressings are done, patients can take bath or as advised by the doctor.  Once allowed, there are no special soaps or medications for bath.  Patient can use routine soaps for bath and stay clean.
  • Many of the times patients may develop some watery or bloody discharge from the wounds (particularly in case of obese/fatty patients).  This is usually not of much concern.  Many of  the times it is just lypolytic discharge.  Patients can themselves clean the discharge and get some primary dressings done.  In case of any anxiety patient may approach the hospital for inspection by the doctor.

This are the few instructions for smooth recovery of the patient.  Sometimes there may be some variation in the above depending upon the medical condition of the patient or the type of the disease pathology for which the patient was operated. We wish a speedy recovery to all the patients.