About Treya Surgicare

Treya Surgicare is a well-equipped center for advanced laparoscopy and GI surgery. Located at a prime location in heart of Maninagar, Ahmedabad.Only logo 90

Treya Surgicare was established with the motto of providing quality surgical care to the patients with focus on ethical protocol based management, patients’ disease awareness and complete health care. It was the vision of Dr Jaimish Gajjar, the driving force behind Treya Surgicare, to return to the society that which has been bestowed by the ALMIGTY.

Treya is the other name by which Gautam Buddha is referred to. The meaning of which is “One who walks the tri path of Love, Truth and Justice.” The logo of Treya Surgicare has three leaves which symbolize the three pillars of life – Love, Truth & Justice.

And true to the name, we aim to provide excellent surgical care based on ethics, compassion and honesty to the patients.



Quality is the foundation stone on which any institute or philosophy can survive for the longest time. In view of the same, we aim to provide the best quality care to the patient for maintaining excellence in healthcare services at par with the world. At Treya Surgicare there is no compromise at any level of quality care to the patient.


Compassion is the virtue bestowed upon human being by the GOD. It is the compassion which has made a humble human being to survive in this society and world and gives hope to many. Hence at Treya Surgicare we consider the patients as part of our family, not only to treat the disease for which the patient seeks us, but also to bring smile on the lips. Patients’ are not only cured of their physical ailment but are also made to feel happy and at home.


Honesty is a small word but caries a great meaning. Doctors being part of the noble profession are expected to be honest or ethical in other words. At Treya Surgicare the third aim is to be as honest to the patients and society as one can be. Honesty brings trust in our patients for building a life long healthy relationship.